Entrepreneur Spotlight from LinkingRaleighNC.com

Q. What is your 30 second elevator pitch?
A. My firm adds value by helping small and mid size companies to get organized, work smarter and grow. We help company leaders to set realistic goals, to focus on what really matters and to make their business succeed. New Day Business Advisors® can provide CFO level service to smaller companies that generally could not afford it. This is possible because we work with you to achieve your goals, within your desired budget. Rather than ignore the need for high level financial thinking or hire an expensive full time executive level employee, get what your business really needs with New Day Business Advisors®.

Q. Describe the planning leading up to your launch?
A. Having worked as the head of finance at mid size organizations, I recognized the value that a strong financial background can bring to the company. I saw a need in the market for smaller companies that could not afford a full time resource, but would have great benefit from this level of service. Prior to quitting my full time job and launching New Day, I did my best too make sure all of the background work was in order – incorporated as an LLC, developed the website, trademarked the company name & logo, etc. Then I sent out a press release and started to get the word out about the services that I am providing.

Q. What market need do you fill?
A. New Day Business Advisors® was founded because I wanted to use my years of experience to help small businesses reach their goals. At New Day, our top priority is building lasting relationships to help business leaders maximize their strengths. New Day offers practical and innovative solutions in the areas of strategy & planning; operational effectiveness; human capital; accounting & compliance; marketing communications. New Day is able to provide a senior level of thinking to a company at a fraction of the cost of a full time CFO.

Q. What is your and your team’s background?
A. A highly analytical, forward-thinking leader in Operations and Finance, Matthew Illuzzi founder of New Day Business Advisors®, brings with him a wealth of experience. Illuzzi worked various roles in accounting, finance and operations for the past 11 years as the CFO & Director of Operations at an international branding firm, as Director of Finance at a regional distribution company and as an Auditor with Arthur Andersen. He is a Certified Public Accountant in both North Carolina & New York and serves on the advisory board of Hemera Financial Solutions.

Q. How are you funded and what is your revenue model?
A. New Day Business Advisors® believes in a value based revenue plan. We do not bill clients by the hour, rather we determine the benefit that we can provide our clients and determine our fees based on each service provided. The Company is privately owned and financed.

Q. What is the importance of being based in Raleigh?
A. Raleigh is a growing market, even in a down economy. With a high number of entrepreneurs and small thriving companies, the Triangle provides for ample opportunities for companies like New Day to add value and succeed. The exceptional level of talent & access to world class universities combined with a reasonable cost of living and a wonderful family atmosphere make the Raleigh market a key to our business plan.