“Matt is a very talented business advisor. His perspective on attaining maximum efficiency in back-office business processes is well-developed and highly insightful, further enhanced by his background as a CPA and tax accountant. With his help, small and medium-sized firms are able to streamline operations, allowing them to focus on distinctive competencies, where they really make their money.”

- Thomas M. Murnane
Co-Principal, ARC Business Advisors
Retired Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“Having Matt as our Director of Operations allowed me to focus on growing the business. During Matt’s tenure at Wolff Olins, we were able to grow our revenue each year and achieve our targets. Matt was involved in all key decisions at the agency, acting as my right hand with regards to important business negotiations, long-term planning and financial analysis. I highly recommend Matt to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.”

- Karl Heiselman
CEO, Wolff Olins

“Some say you run a business by the numbers. Matt goes beyond the numbers and is someone you can trust with all your financial information and the operational aspects of your business. He is confident, knowledgeable and after working closely with you the efficiency of your business markedly improves. I would be happy to recommend Matt to anyone who is looking to optimize their company’s financial and operational performance.”

- Dean Crutchfield
Brand Consultant

“New Day provides realistic solutions that will increase operational performance. Their forward thinking approach is necessary in today’s aggressive business environment.”

-Steve Takla, Director of Finance & Operations North America
Rapp Collins Worldwide